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Ceremonial Matcha Starter Set

Ceremonial Matcha Starter Set

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If you are entering the fascinating world of matcha, you will love our Ceremonial Matcha Starter Set .

What's included:

We provide you with the fundamental tools to prepare matcha like a true master of the tea ceremony.

A can of Premium Ceremonial Matcha (30gr): Our premium ceremonial matcha, of the highest quality, directly from Japan, to your home to offer you an unmatched flavor experience.

Chasen: Traditional bamboo whisk.

Chashaku: is a traditional Japanese spoon, specifically designed to measure and serve matcha precisely.

This Ceremonial Matcha Starter Set is more than an introduction to matcha; It is an invitation to an ancient ritual that celebrates the pure essence of Japanese matcha. Discover the flavor and tranquility of each cup with this set that will guide you through each step of matcha preparation, and will take you into a world of unique aromas and flavors.

*Content: The set includes 1 can of Premium Ceremonial Matcha (30gr), 1 Chasen and 1 Chashaku.

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