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Premium Ceremonial Matcha

Premium Ceremonial Matcha

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MATCHA TEARAPY is 100% Premium Ceremonial grade.

We recommend our matcha for those people with demanding palates who want to drink high-quality matcha every day.

Matcha Tearapy originates from Uji, Japan and is synonymous with purity. Our vibrant green matcha has a natural, sweet and smooth flavor that will accompany you in what we like to call 'the best time of the day'.

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Welcome to the Matcha Tearapy Club.

Matcha Tearapy is:

100% organic and sustainable.

Hailing from Uji, Japan.

Premium quality, ceremonial grade.

Hand selected and stone ground.


Keep Matcha in a Cool, Dark Place: Storing matcha in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight and heat, will help preserve its vibrant green color and flavor. We recommend storing it in the refrigerator.
Use an Airtight Container: After opening our product, transfer the matcha to its original airtight container. This will help prevent exposure to air, which can deteriorate its freshness over time.
Keep the Container Tightly Closed: Be sure to close the container tightly after each use to prevent the entry of moisture and air.


 We do not use additives, sweeteners or oils.
100% pure Ceremonial Grade Matcha Powder.

Price per cup (1gr):



Sweet and Umami.

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