know us

Matcha Tearapy is an e-commerce specialized in top quality Japanese matcha tea based in Tarragona.

Inspired by the "Chado" philosophy, we knew from the beginning that to achieve this we had to focus on one thing: offering the best matcha tea to enjoy at any time, from your home.

For us, matcha tea is not just a drink, it is a therapy-like experience. From its preparation, to the last sip of this vibrant and exquisite drink, it represents a pause in our lives, providing tranquility and a feeling of well-being that we are determined to share with the world.

From that idea our name was born, which forms a play on words with "Tea + Therapy" in English.

Our company philosophy is based on two unique concepts that we learned on our first trip to Japan.

Chado , or popularly known as the 'Tea Ceremony'. This philosophy seeks harmony, tranquility and connection with oneself, with others and with nature through the act of drinking tea.

Wabi-sabi : Wabi-sabi is a Japanese aesthetic and philosophy that celebrates the beauty of the imperfect, the simple and the ephemeral. In the context of matcha tea, wabi-sabi is reflected in the appreciation of the simplicity of tea, the rustic artisan pottery used in the tea ceremony, and the recognition of the transience of the present moment.

At Matcha Tearapy we believe that matcha tea is a window into a fascinating world of traditions, philosophies and unique experiences. By bringing this experience closer to your home, we want to awaken in you a sense of excitement and real connection with Japanese culture.